Lack of liquidity during Holiday markets can be very tricky. The majority  of our 16 markets are in tradable areas, but option premiums are not at good risk/reward price levels to buy. As for Futures, they can be traded using the Power Ranking directional indicators in some of our markets, but caution is advised during this short week. Please contact us for further info.

Biggest movers

Soybeans – ZS – UP 8 – Neutral

After weeks of speculation that soybean acreage would outpace corn for the first time since 1983, Friday’s USDA report announced plantings lower than expected. The futures market reacted quickly, surging over $30 to close the day at 952.50, below the high of 958.00. Continuing to run on abbreviated sessions Monday, beans sit at #3 in the rankings with a VDO of $3,725.00.

Copper -HG – DOWN 9 – Slightly Bullish

Copper comes off its unusually high ranking from last week, settling down to #11 with a VDO of $1,750.00. Market volatility may be erratic as mines in Chile – the largest exporting nation – are a focal point for presidential candidates vying for the seat in November Elections.

VDO Futures Power Rankings


[   ] – Associated Trade Rec (call your broker for more info)

[   ] – Market was UP

[   ] – Market was DOWN

VDO – Last Week’s Price Volatility in Dollar Terms (Volatility Dollar Opportunity)

Bias – Directional Trend

Rank – Based on the VDO

Volatility – Last Week’s Price Volatility

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