Last week we had three trades hit. Two went south on us but, for those who got in all three, the ES made up for both of them!

This week the markets have moved in a hurry and most have already left without us. We have two trades this week.

One in Silver and one in Beans. Both have decent reward/risk ratios.

Although the math didn’t work out for week, I would like to catch a bearish trade in the Yen because it looks as if has turned. Consult a weekly chart to see a breakout to the down side. Given the opportunity, I would suggest buying puts.

VDO Futures Power Rankings


[   ] – Associated Trade Rec (call your broker for more info)

[   ] – Market was UP

[   ] – Market was DOWN

VDO – Last Week’s Price Volatility in Dollar Terms (Volatility Dollar Opportunity)

Bias – Directional Trend

Rank – Based on the VDO

Volatility – Last Week’s Price Volatility

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