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These articles have been written and published for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice.

There is No Bitcoin Bubble

The investing world is split by bitcoin bears and bulls arguing over whether or not the cryptocurrency is a bubble. Despite its volatility and the large amount of uncertainty surrounding the cryptocurrency, there are several important reasons as to why we won’t see a...

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Icon Alternatives Featured in the Wall Street Journal

Howard Marella spoke with the Wall Street Journal about the consistently low volatility levels in 2017. The article also refers to Howard about how big stock-market gains are leading a number of investors to abandon defensive positions taken to protect against a...

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Become a Bitcoin Expert in Five Minutes

Bitcoin is all over the news, but there’s an immense amount of confusion surrounding this new concept. Despite its meteoric growth in 2017 and the recent introduction of the CBOE and CME futures contracts, it will still take some time before bitcoin is widely accepted...

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Are You Ready to Trade Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has been a dominating conversation topic, especially among the investment community. After starting the year under $1,000, the cryptocurrency eclipsed $19,000 by the end of 2017. With regulated contracts heading to the markets, Wall Street is eagerly making...

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Icon Alternatives Talks Bitcoin With Barron’s

Dominic Marella spoke with Barron’s about bitcoin’s popularity, and its current role as an investment. However, with the upcoming CBOE and CME contracts, the way investors will trade bitcoin is going to change from an informal, unregulated manner to a regulated,...

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Will Congress Steal Christmas?

Wall Street loves this festive time of year, as Santa Claus traditionally brings the markets the gift of a rally. However, this year a variety of factors have the markets moving all over the place. Who’s in charge of this year’s Santa Claus Rally, and what might cause...

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