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These articles have been written and published for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice.

The Ongoing OPEC Power Struggle

Traders, speculators and investors all over the world eagerly await the annual OPEC November press conference and meeting. Markets are already reacting in anticipation, with more inevitable movements on the horizon. However, will this year’s press conference and...

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November Recommended Read

This month’s recommended read is based on an article from Reuters that discusses the rising oil prices. You can read the original article here. There are many factors contributing to the rise in crude prices with the upcoming OPEC meeting carrying a majority of the...

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The Other Side of the Bitcoin

Bitcoin, just a buzzword or the future currency for digital generations? While many have heard of Bitcoin, there are a lot of questions and mystery surrounding this concept. Excitement is mounting among investment communities as the Commodity Futures Trading...

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Decrypting Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are a complicated concept, and with the introduction of every new technology comes an entirely new set of terms and buzzwords. These terms are critical for investors to know should they wish to invest in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency...

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Successful Investing is Built on a Strong Relationship

The foundation of a successful client-advisor relationship is built on trust, transparency and honesty. While a client may sometimes request unattainable goals, it is up to the advisor to manage their expectations and present alternative opportunities to reach a...

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It’s Good to Have Option Strategies

Option strategies are great investment tools.  However, identifying which strategy to use and when to implement it is essential to maximizing potential and identifying risk. Thankfully, there are a number of different possibilities traders can explore to increase...

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Commodities Are a Potential Shelter from Conflict

At the early stages of a foreign military conflict, the markets will experience high volatility, which can create opportunity for investments. With the increasing tension between the world and the actions of North Korea and Russia, now is a good time to consider the...

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