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The King Crop

In the United States, over 270 million metric tons of corn are produced each year. No other crop can hold a candle to the sheer production size of corn. With such a significant amount of land dedicated to the production of this crop, it has become a staple of many... read more

Tight Ranges with Trump Overseas: Power Rankings

With President Trump over Seas, it has certainly been an interesting week! So far the new timing of trades is working in our favor. Hold the Euro trade, but adjust the offset futures prices – contact your advisor if you didn’t receive the email. We also... read more

Euro Trade the First Opportunity with Updated Entry Time

With all of the changes going on in Europe, markets have been making moves on Sunday evenings and early Monday mornings for the U.S. In order to catch those moves, going forward, we will put out the Power Ranking trade recommendations Wednesday mornings and will work... read more


Withering Oil? How To Trade It May, 10th 2017 in “Typically, when OPEC spoke it created fear in the markets, leading to immediate action. The world accepted that the OPEC nations would stick to their agreements. However, increased world trade and... read more

Broker Highlight: John Novak

John Novak has had an insatiable curiosity for everything he encounters in life. Whether it was watching videos of his golf swing, frame-by-frame, to improve, or disassembling a small engine to understand how it functions. After graduating from high school, John had... read more

Plan for the Future With Futures

The United States lags behind a majority of the world with only 57 percent of adults understanding basic financial concepts, and 40 percent of millennials planning for retirement. Creating a strategy for a sound financial future is important, and building your... read more

Another Chance in the Yen: Power Rankings

We wake up this morning with market action. After talks with Saudi Arabia, Russia made a statement that production cuts should stay in place into 2018. Markets have reacted in strong reversal fashion, rallying crude 5.00 off its recent lows. We just missed  a home run... read more

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