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Fireworks in the Futures Markets: Power Rankings

Lack of liquidity during Holiday markets can be very tricky. The majority  of our 16 markets are in tradable areas, but option premiums are not at good risk/reward price levels to buy. As for Futures, they can be traded using the Power Ranking directional indicators... read more

Markets Already in Vacation Mode: Power Rankings

We took off the NQ as a winner, but the Senate postponing the vote on health care until after the July 4th holiday put a twist into the ES trade. Our signals told us to offset before yesterdays close and we are now still bullish the ES without a position. That’s a... read more

Understanding Options: The Greeks

The Greeks are essential to understanding the behavior of options contracts. Without them, trading options contracts would be extremely difficult to execute successfully. Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega act as your compass when navigating this intricate landscape.... read more

Opportunity in Indices: Power Rankings

Although we have a great trade for the ES,(risk approximately $450.00 to profit approximately $1,250.00), volatile moves in most markets have swelled premiums to where risk/reward in most markets are less than desirable for our trades. Hold the NQ trade from last week... read more

Broker Highlight: Nicholas Houle

Nicholas Houle received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Western Michigan University, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Michigan native relocated to Chicago in 2010, shortly after meeting the President of Index Futures Group, Howard Marella. Recognizing... read more

June Recommended Read: Ramifications of the Qatar Port Bans

This month’s recommended read is based on an article from that discusses the ramifications of the port bans on Qatar. You can read the original article here. Since Qatar joined OPEC in 1961, it has enjoyed the benefits of exporting crude oil and natural... read more

The Investor’s Safe Haven: Precious Metals

Many years ago, precious metals were the cornerstone of ancient economies, which lead to today’s currency systems. These rare and unique metals have always carried a high prestige, but why do people infuse such value behind them? The demand for precious metals... read more

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