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Commodities Are a Potential Shelter from Conflict

At the early stages of a foreign military conflict, the markets will experience high volatility, which can create opportunity for investments. With the increasing tension between the world and the actions of North Korea and Russia, now is a good time to consider the...

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Navigating Options Strategies

Building an options trading strategy through a personalized approach with the specific investor in mind is the best way to limit risk and protect against unfavorable market movements. There is never a guarantee with any investment, but trading with a professionally...

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Alternative Strategies, Threats from North Korea

Wednesday certainly seems the day for a move recently. Our indicators are bullish in Gold, Silver, Copper and10Year. Bearish in cattle. Follow these markets in the direction indicated. With President Trump’s strong statement to North Korea, the fundamentals apply to...

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Have You Had Your Morning Coffee? : Power Rankings

After the ECB policy statement last week, the Euro brought in about 80% of our profit objective on a fast move higher. Thank you Draghi! This week the Euro is still bullish although too high to get another risk/reward scenario that makes sense. Of note: Copper looks...

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Broker Highlight: Dominic Marella

Dominic Marella is a principal and head of business development at Icon Alternatives. A graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in Learning and Organizational change, Dominic works with clients and is responsible for developing marketing campaigns, as well...

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