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Don’t Get Caught in the Storm

“Portfolios of stocks and/or bonds combined with managed futures showed substantially less risk at every possible level of expected return than portfolios of stocks and/or bonds alone.”

~ Dr. John Lintner, Professor of Economics at Harvard University

The main benefit of adding managed futures to a balanced portfolio is the potential to decrease portfolio volatility. Risk reduction is possible because managed futures can trade across a wide range of global markets that have limited long-term correlation to most traditional asset classes.

Rapidly growing asset class.

Growth over the past decade in managed futures has been substantial. In 2002, it was estimated that more than $45 billion was under management by managed futures trading advisors which increased to $327 billion by the end of the 2015.

Pick From the Top Managers Available

We’ve done the heavy lifting.

Manager's History

No matter what the trading strategy is, there are people behind every program. We go through an extensive vetting process to ensure these individuals are those we trust.


Everything is out in the open. We make sure you understand every aspect of a given program. From Strategy and Market correlation to ROI and Peak-to-Valley Drawdowns, everything is readily available for inspection.

Risk Management & Performance

Every investment will have its ups and downs. We make sure those numbers will reasonably fit in an investor’s portfolio.


One size never fits all, and the investment world is no different. We work with managers of all types to ensure that we have a program that properly fits into your overall portfolio composition.
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