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Interview With Steve Schaeffer of MGT's Crypto Capital

by Dominic Marella

About Steve and MGT

In the oddest of places, Steve got started with bitcoin in a nightclub. After leaving Wall Street, he was invested in a Miami club where he noticed young “kids” coming in dropping more money than he would reasonably expect. They told him about bitcoin, and after a self taught weekend crash-course, Steve never looked back.

After building up a sizable private mining operation, he decided it was time to take it to the next level. Using the connections he made on Wall Street, he convinced Rob Ladd, CEO of MGT, that bitcoin and more specifically, mining, was the future.

Not too long after, MGT became the first public company to have a bitcoin mining operation. As the largest independent mining enterprise in North America, they are actively expanding the with a new facility in Sweden with the capacity to deploy 17,000 more machines.

MGT’s Chief Visionary, John McAfee, is infamously outspoken about his outlandish bullish bias on bitcoin. Steve takes a more conservative outlook, but is optimistic about MGT’s roll in the evolution of the bitcoin ecosystem.

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