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Icon Alternatives creates a unique value proposition by offering a comprehensive suite of services ranging from cutting edge trading technologies to fully customized investment portfolios, and everything in between.

Choose from a wide array of programs that can bring true diversification to a lacking portfolio.

Built on proven strategies, automated trading systems enter and exit the market without emotion or human error.

Professional level tools and resources for the independent trader.

Follow our trade recommendations or build on your own perspective – work one on one with your broker to develop a unique strategy.

And who we are today is because of what we did yesterday

The story of Icon Alternatives is a one that mirrors the evolution of our industry.

Although the updated look is refreshing and new, our roots run deep. Emerging from careers in the pits to this exciting new world of electronics and automated strategy, Icon is the new breed for futures investment.

As independent floor traders in the 80s then committee heads for CME to the last decade of Index Futures Group; we’ve been ahead of the curve since the early years of the brokerage business.

As investment theory continues to change, Icon is positioned to provide investors true portfolio diversification while allowing traders access to the best tools available.

Just like the capital markets themselves, the industry has had its fair share of peaks and valleys; and we’ve seen it all.

We were on the team that introduced electronic trading to the open outcry pits in the 80s.

We helped to create the private client model that has been replicated countless times throughout the industry.

We were at ground zero with a life jacket when FCMs went belly up and left their clients and brokers stranded in open water.

We are proud to speak out publicly in order to protect customer’s interests. While other firms have faded away, we are still here because we put our clients first.

The financial world has changed forever. And with that in mind you need the security of experience. You need a new set of rules. You need new ideas. You need customized and personal risk strategies.

You need Icon Alternatives.

As your strategic partner with a wide range of expertise and experience, with Icon you have real power on your side.